Wednesday, February 6, 2013

House of Netflix

Have you been watching... or have watched House of Cards yet on Netflix?  I was on board as soon as Fincher's name appeared, but a friend of mine clued me into the BBC's House of Cards years ago and I thought that was great, so I was interested Fincher or not.  They updated it to fit more with our present political climate in the U.S. and expanded the story from a quaint 3 episode mini, to a 13 episode epic.  The whole cast is superb but take special note of Kevin Spacey's smooth southern draw and pleasant manor which lull's you into complacent resignation right before he slits your throat.  If you weren't convinced by his theatrical prowess then this should make you a true believer.  Kate Mara is also great in this, probably the best role of her career.  She could kill with those eyes.
You can watch all episodes at once, which seems to present a problem to me.  Are we getting just a little spoiled with having complete knowledge of a thing right at our fingertips?  If I wanted to I can digest entire seasons of any show without pause, without the sting of cliffhangers or the build up of anticipation.  There is part of me that is thrilled for access to art and story with such ease, but another part thinks that maybe the we are loosing our desire, our hunger for mystery and inspection because of this convenience.  What am I worried about.  It's probably nothing right?  A few more generations from now wont even be watching TV.  They will be fighting wild dogs for scraps of food. 

So go check it out.  Watch both of them!  Not for the acumen impaired.

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